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Rawa ragi idli 200g - NUTRIVALUE

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Nachani/Finger Millet is also known a Ragi, is one of the important cereals which contains important amino acid like methionine, leucine, phenylalanine which is not present in any other starchy meal. NutriValue Nachani Idli Rawa is the best substitute for rice rawaهت normally used to make idli as it has a low glycemic index. It can be used by gluten allergic people as it is gluten-free cereal. NutriValue contains much higher amount dietary fiber compared to white rice or other grains which gives bulkiness and makes one feel fuller. It can be used to prepare delicious food items suitable for all like idlis or dhokalas.
Health Benefits of Ragi:

  • High in Calcium: NutriValue Nachani Idli Rava is a rich source of calcium. The millet is beneficial for growing children and elderly people who need a constant supply for healthy growth and maintenance of bones.
  • Lose Weight: NutriValue Ragi Idli Rava is the best food choice for people trying to lose weight as it is low fat millet.
  • Rich in fibre: The dietary fibre gives fullness and therefore helps to prevent excess caloric consumption and prevents constipation
  • Controls Blood Sugar: It also helps to reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus as it has ability to lower the blood sugar.
  • Battles Anemia: It is an excellent source of natural iron, hence on consumption helps to prevent iron-deficiency anemia.
  • Stress Relief: Helps in reducing stress and anxiety as it contains the amino acid named as Tryptophan

How to use: use 3 parts of Nachani idli rava to one part of urad daal. Soak Urad daal and grind. Add NutriValue nachani Idli Rava and water to the paste and let it ferment for 8 hours. make idlis from this doe
1) Wash & soak 1 part of urad dal in water for 4 hours and grind to smooth paster.
2) Wash & soak 4 parts of Ragi Idli Rawa in water and mix it with urad dal paster & keep aside for 8-10 hours/ overnight.
3) Prepare idli and serve with sambhar & chutney

Ingredients: Nachani / Ragi


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