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  • Fresh fruits,...
    <p>Find here our range of fruits, vegetables. Quality and best price guaranteed.</p>
  • Lentils, beans, peas,...
    <div id="category-description" class="text-muted"> <p><strong>This category includes our range of lentils, beans, peas and nuts.</strong></p> <p>We strive to offer a range of top quality products at lowest prices. Our range of lentils, beans, peas and nuts was harvested throughout the world before being carefully packed.</p> </div>
  • Spices, blends,...
    <p><strong>Find in this section our range of finest spices in different forms such as whole, crushed, powdered and seasonings.</strong><br /><br />Spices are know as the heart of world's cooking recipes. Each of them has a special role to play and bring to the dish that unique taste and flavour.<br /><br /><br /></p>
  • Flour, tapioca,...
    <p><strong>In this category, find our choice of high quality flour, powder, coarse and desiccated items.</strong></p> <p>We offer different types of flours whether it is to make chapattis, naans, patties or deep fried dishes such as pakoras, samosas etc.</p>
  • Rice, rice flakes,...
    <p><strong>This category includes our selection of different kind of rice.</strong><br /><br />Rice is one of the most popular and most apreciated dish in the world. We provide to our customers many varities of rice such as basmati, yasmin, sticky, ponni and much more also in various forms like puffed, flakes, flour, etc.</p>
  • Instant mixes, soups,...
    <p><strong>This category includes instant mixes of many sweet and salted dishes.</strong></p> <p>You will now be able to make yourself any dish you want! Just follow the instructions and you are all set. Make any of them and of course for low rates.</p>
  • Canned food, cooking...
    <p><strong>This section has been devided in two parts. One for the canned food and the second one for oils.</strong></p> <p>Various canned food items are available such as vegetables, peas, beans, etc.</p> <p>Many types of oils can be found in this section. They can be used in different ways from deep frying to seasonning purposes.</p>
  • Pastes, chutneys, sauces
    <p><strong>Check out here the grand variety of pastes and sauces.</strong></p> <p>Pastes are used to marinade meats or cook dishes while sauces enhance the taste of food.</p>
  • Pickles, papads
    <p><strong>Looking for pickles or papadums? Check out our selection here!</strong></p> <p>You will find diversity in this category for each type of product as all of them have a unique taste. Pickles and papadums are best as appetizers.</p>
  • Ready to eat, noodles,...
    <p><strong>We have listed in this category all ready to eat dishes, noodles and breads.</strong></p> <p>In hurry? Check out our ready to eat food, noodles and breads selection. Here you will find everything that will complete your quick meal for very low rates. Just heat and eat!</p>
  • Tea, Coffee & instant tea
    <p><strong>Discover our range of tea and instant tea.</strong></p> <p>Black tea is the most popular tea of south asia. You will find in this category our variety of black tea from different brands. Also checkout other products such as green tea, instant tea, etc.</p>
  • Snacks, biscuits, rusks
    <p><strong>This category contains snacks, biscuits and chips.</strong></p> <p>Huge variety, cheap prices, best quality! Find out the most famous brands of snacks, biscuits and chips!</p> <p></p>
  • Sweets & Desserts
    <p>You will find here our selection of fine asian sweets and desserts.</p>
  • Drinks, juices, syrups
    <p><strong>Discover our range of juices, drinks and syrups!</strong></p> <p>You will find here exotic fruits juices, canned drinks and syrups to mix in water. All you need to boost up yourself and stay refreshed.<strong></strong></p>
  • Mukhwas, pan masala
  • Frozen food
    <p>Discover our selection of frozen items which includes all specialities of indian and pakistani dishes such as parathas, naans, vegetables, fruits and much more.</p>
  • Pooja Essentials &...
    <p>In this category, you will find all non-food related to Pooja worship items such as Agarbattis and others.</p>
  • Health & Beauty
  • Kitchen Appliances

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